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We can't expect any change if we don't take action. This pervasive riptide of a political culture driven by intolerance and hatred is validated Only by our inaction and silence.

Local elections are as equally important as national elections when seeking to start a wave of tolerance and respect. The only real and tangible way to effectuate change and show the world that Americans as a whole will not tolerate hate is by voting. This is how you take action and let your voice be heard.
Midterm elections generally have a lower turnout. Let's end this trend. Let's make 2018 the start of something powerful and meaningful.
Vote for the people who believe in justice for all, respect for all, and appreciate cultural diversity. People who believe others can love anyone they choose to love. People who believe in constitutional rights and human decency.
2018 is a call to action and the change we seek is best achieved at the ballot box. 
- Abigail Anastasio